These sites are appropriate for Kindergarten through Second Grade and are used in class as learning centers. Please feel free to use them at home to support your child's education and reinforce concepts taught in class. If you would like make a suggestion, please click on the pencil at the bottom of the page and use "Other" to sign your comment. THANKS FOR VISITING!


Educational Games

Dude's Dilemma Math Game
This is a great site that reviews simple addtion and subtraction facts

Arthur's Games
Arthur's Games has some fun games that include things from reading to matching. You should know something about the Arthur stories before playing some of the games!

Primary Games
This site has many great games that are different subjects, but watch out for all the ads and popups. Adults should help kids read the directions for each game and help them avoid popup ads.

Ghostblasters Math
This site is designed for reviewing two digit addition and subtraction.

This is my favorite site for multilevel, easy to challenging games in multiple subjects for multiple levels. It can be used for your kindergartener or your 4th grader! Tons of fun, easy to play games that are educational. I especially like Leon's Math Dojo and Math Blocks.

Eduplace for Kids
Click on California and then Houghton Mifflin Reading 2005. This will take you to the grade level site where you will choose 2nd grade. This site has links and a few games for kids that go along with our reading text book and the specific story we are reading.

Learn to Read
This is an excellent site for k-2 beginning readers. There are word pattern games and stories that are read to students. We use this game in the computer lab. The kids really like it.

Scholastic Learning Arcade
Some fun games, but an adult may need to help read directions and play games. Designed for 3rd grade and above, but there is some great information and interesting facts.

PLAY Scholastic
Scholastic is an excellent resource for your family. There are tons or articles and helpful hints for parents. The games use favorite characters like Clifford and David to play games. Check it out!

Edugames for Kids
This site has 6 games that work with our reading text. The spelling match game works with our spelling units from Houghton Mifflin. Try playing this game as part of your spelling review before a review unit test! Only review units are available for play.

Game Goo
This site has some fun games, but an adult may have to help your child read directions and words. Cute graphics and fun games.

FOSS Science
This site is specifically aligned with the Science Standards and the kits that we use to teach. There are mini movies, real photos and games to play. This page is designed for the K-2 science kits, three kits per grade level. Second grade is Insects, Rocks and Minerals, and Balance and Motion.

PBS Kids Between the Lions
This is a site that uses the characters from Between the Lions ( an educational kid's show) to teach about phonics and reading

Piggy Bank
This a a cute game that kids can play to add money dropping into a piggy bank.

Little Fingers
This site has a variety of games for kids K-2. It has games that practice telling time, counting money, beginning sounds, and alphabetical order.

Homophone Match Game
This site is another great site from the people at Scholastic. This game is "Memory" and when you click on the matching homophone, a puzzle piece is revealed. Solve the whole thing and a picture is revealed.


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